The AVAX ULTRAS are coming! 🔺

The AVAX ULTRAS are coming! 🔺

What is FanHub?

The first app built on the FANFI Protocol, FanHub was also created by the FANFI team and attracted more than 30k users in its first 12 months, also reaching the top ten sports apps on the App Store in December 2021.


FanHub is play2earn game where fans earn tokens as they follow their team – it is the application that enables users to “mine” the $FANFI token and the gateway to our metaverse.


At the junction of GameFi and the metaverse, the value of physical world behaviours can be realised as digital assets (both FANFI tokens and NFTs) which may be held, traded or utilised within the token economy.


We’ve created the AVAX ULTRAS to enable anyone that believes in a fairer and democratised economic system to invest in creating that reality as well as sharing in the value this movement creates.

Fans can earn tokens via FanHub by...

Attending games

By using the app's geo-location check in feature


Successfully predicting the starting lineup and score


Creating proprietary content in the FanHub app


Bringing new fans into the community

Whereas the hooligans of a previous era brought trouble to the stadiums, the AVAX ULTRAS are bringing disruption to an unfair financial system. This isn’t a protest of a minority, it’s the early stages of an economic revolution. A collection of 2,000 yield bearing NFTs provide owners with an opportunity tom play, trade and participate in the Fan Finance token economy to earn a passive income.


The owner of each ULTRA has the opportunity to build a “firm” of real fans that are using the FanHub app to increase their FANFI yield. With tens of thousands of users to choose from, ULTRAS will need to compete with each other to identify and then “sign up” the fans that they want to secure for their firm.


As well as the obvious top performers that will be in high demand, perhaps a more lucrative strategy may be to analyse the leaderboards and detailed stats of every FanHub user to find the hidden gems.

ULTRAS can earn a passive income! 💪

Holders of ULTRAS NFTs earn a passive income through renting SEASON CARDS NFTs to fans. Each ULTRA is equipped with one season card and spaces for a further 9 season cards may be permanently opened by burning FANFI tokens. 


There are four levels of season card available which boost the fan’s earnings.


25% Boost


50% Boost


75% Boost


100% Boost

Season cards themselves may also be temporarily boosted by gaining STUBZ NFTs which each increase one of five specific attributes and the respective income stream:

There are also four levels of stubz (bronze – platinum) and the boost duration could for 6, 12, 18 or 24 games.

Fans receive STUBZ through mystery packs as they use the FanHub app and these may be traded on the secondary market place. All transactions on the marketplace are made in FANFI.


Fans may improve their chances of receiving the most valuable assets through their mystery packs by staking FANFI.


Each Ultra has 4 characteristics which either further boost earnings or will be utilised in future gameplay. These characteristics are:


  • Resiliance
  • Luck
  • Aggression
  • Health

Governance and Tokenomics

All NFTS (ULTRAS, SEASON CARDS & STUBZ) may be traded on the secondary marketplace.

All transactions on the marketplace are made in $FANFI.

ULTRAS and SEASON CARDS may be traded including the STUBZ and fans (for the duration of the existing agreements) to increase the value of the asset.