A protocol for a global sports economy

$FANFI (Fan Finance) is a development protocol for the sports economy at the frontier between the metaverse and real-life entertainment and behaviours.

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FanFi SDK unlocks the latent value in sport 🙌

Consider for a moment that the industry’s half a trillion-dollar valuation can only include the tangible cashflows that companies account for.


Tokenisation provides an unprecedented opportunity to unlock the latent value of those intangible assets such as the time spent by fans following their team or both creating and consuming content.


In addition to these exciting new opportunities to unlock value, it is also inevitable that trade from major operators within the sports sector will also transition to the blockchain:


  • Betting and gaming – $67 billion
  • Sports sponsorship – $65 billion
  • Ticketing – $28 billion
  • Sports travel – $325 billion

The FanFi Protocol SDK enables third parties to build within a token economy and can become the technology stack for the sector.

The FanHub App

The first app built on the FanFi Protocol, FanHub was also created by the FanFi team and attracted more than 30k users in its first 12 months, also reaching the top ten sports apps on the App Store in December 2021.


FanHub is play2earn game where fans earn tokens as they follow their team – it is the application that enables users to “mine” the $FANFI token and the gateway to our metaverse.


At the junction of GameFi and the metaverse, the value of physical world behaviours can be realised as digital assets (both FANFI tokens and NFTs) which may be held, traded or utilised within the token economy.

What are ULTRAS?

Whereas the hooligans of a previous era brought trouble to the stadiums, the AVAX ULTRAS are bringing disruption to an unfair financial system. This isn’t a protest of a minority, it’s the early stages of an economic revolution. A collection of 2,000 yield bearing NFTs provide owners with an opportunity tom play, trade and participate in the Fan Finance token economy to earn a passive income.


The owner of each ULTRA has the opportunity to build a “firm” of real fans that are using the FanHub app to increase their FANFI yield. With tens of thousands of users to choose from, ULTRAS will need to compete with each other to identify and then “sign up” the fans that they want to secure for their firm.

The FanHub protocol facilitates entirely new business models that are decentralised and built on a public blockchain infrastructure meaning:

  1. No centralised middleman capturing and extracting value from the ecosystem.
  2. An efficient token economy that reduces friction costs for advertisers to reach their target market.
  3. Fans are able to be paid, both for supporting their teams in the stadium and directly by brands for their attention.

Since its beta release in February 2021, FanHub has become home to over 18,000 monthly active users with over 500,000 unique content views via the app.